Sweet Home Independent School District

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  • Superintendent Vacancy

  • 5/10/2021

    Breakfast:  Biscuit

    Lunch:  Frito Pie, Mixed Veggies and Carrots

  • 5/11/2021

    Breakfast:  Breakfast Pizza

    Lunch:  Cougar Burger, Salad and French Fries

  • 5/12/2021

    Breakfast:  Muffins

    Lunch:  Grilled Chicken, Baked Beans and Corn

  • 5/13/2021

    Breakfast:  French Toast

    Lunch:  Meatballs, Broccoli and Squash

  • 5/14/2021

    Breakfast:  Pop Tarts

    Lunch:  Nachos, Cauliflower and Green Beans