Sweet Home Independent School District


  • 12/13/2018

    Breakfast:  Honey Buns

    Lunch:  Turkey Fingers, Green Beans, Carrots and Bunny Grahams

  • 12/14/2018

    Breakfast:  Scramble Eggs

    Lunch:  Pizza, Salad and Corn

  • 12/17/2018

    Breakfast:  Breakfast Corndog

    Lunch:  Chicken Tenders, Corn, Cauliflower and Roll

  • 12/18/2018

    Breakfast:  Breakfast Pizza

    Lunch:  Meatballs, Rice, Carrots and Squash

  • 12/19/2018

    Breakfast:  Muffins

    Lunch:  Crispitos, Salad and Pinto Beans

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