• Graduation has been scheduled for May 19 at 6:30 P.M. at Sweet Home School in the courtyard (between cafeteria and main building).
    • Attire Girls (amended) – They can wear a dress, or a blouse & skirt, or blouse & slacks (no wrinkles or holes). Dress and blouse need to follow the dress code.  Sandals are fine, but no flip flops. Boots are acceptable, too.

    • Attire Boys (amended) – They need a collared, button-down or polo style shirt. Slacks are fine or nice (no wrinkles or holes) jeans. Boots or dress shoes are acceptable, but no sneakers/tennis shoes.

    • There is no rehearsal/practice. 


  • Graduation homework (3 assignments)

    1. Autobiography information. Fill out this sheet. Here are some example autobiographiesWhen you finish, email ssteffek@sweethomeisd.org it to me. Due May 14th.

    2. Here is your speaking partHere are some examples of the different speaking parts. Look for your example because I put all of them together. When you finished your speech, email it to me, so I can look over it. Due May 14th. 

    Rayann-fourth grade history

    Tristan-first grade history

    Kaylee-closing prayer(benediction) Are you okay with doing a prayer? If not, call or email me.

    Anabelle-eighth grade history


    Wyatt-second grade history

    Aubrie-seventh grade history

    David-Gift to school (cement bench like we have by cafeteria)

    Kasey-third grade history

    Dane-fifth grade history

    Charlie-thank you

    Dagan-sixth grade history

    Sam-K history

    Madilynn-PK history


    3. Make a name tag. In the past we had a star, graduation cap, or oval shaped with the student's name on it. It can't be bigger than 12" x 12". You can use blue, black, or white poster board or construction paper to make your design. You can put glitter on it. Stay with the school colors of blue, grey, white, and black. Bring it the night of graduation to be placed on the "lattice" boards.