• 10/17/2019

    Breakfast:  Breakfast Burger

    Lunch:  Corndogs, Green Beans and Corn


  • 10/18/2019

    Breakfast:  Frudel

    Lunch:  Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, Squash and Bunny Grahams

  • 10/21/2019

    Breakfast:  Pancakes

    Lunch:  Sausage Rolls, Ranch Style Beans, Cauliflower and Animal Crackers

  • 10/22/2019

    Breakfast:  Hot Pocket

    Lunch:  Frito Pie, Corn and Celery Stix

  • 10/23/2019

    Breakfast:  Honey Buns

    Lunch:  Chicken Nuggets, Broccoli and Carrots

  • 10/24/2019

    Breakfast:  Mini Cinni

    Lunch:  Pizza Stix, Salad and Green Beans

  • 10/25/2019

    Breakfast:  Sausage Biscuit

    Lunch:  Burrito, Mixed Veggies and Cucumbers

  • 10/28/2019

    Breakfast:  Breakfast Pizza

    Lunch:  Cougar Burgers, French Fries and Salad

  • 10/29/2019

    Breakfast:  Biscuit

    Lunch:  Pizza, Salad and Corn

  • 10/30/2019

    Breakfast:  Muffins

    Lunch:  Nachos, Pinto Beans and Carrots

  • 10/31/2019

    Breakfast:  Mini Bagel

    Lunch:  Turkey Finger, Squash, Broccoli and Bunny Grahams